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Muhammad in Hinduism?
Prophet Muhammad or Demon Mahamad?
Do vedas Realy tell about Muhammad?
The Kalki Avtar-Lets take a look!
A RESPONSE TO M.N. ANDERSON'S ARTICLE: "Prophet Muhammad in Hindu Scriptures?"
How did Dr. Zakir Naik Managed to discover Muhammad in hindu scriptures !!!!
Answers to Questions by Brother Azhar !
"FAKE" Shankaracharya

I Wonder How????
Usually i hear alot from here and there that Muhhamad is predicted in Hindu Scriptures. Any how no problem to me but still the curiosty in mind rules that how come, what and why the hindu scriptures tell us about Muhhammad.
This is the reason for the creation of this site by me, with my study on this topic.It was a real fun making this site n hope u enjoy it.
Arya Bharat